One of Asia's most thriving metropolis. It's where everything is there to be discovered. This colorful city is where you can experience down-to-earth lifestyles to the most luxurious ones. You can pay from two-hundred to a hundred thousand baht room for a night in a hotel. You can have a 15 baht street side to a million baht for dinner.It's new but old. The city sets countless sky scrapers in metro business district. The antique lifestyle is also a nice scene on both side of the Chao Praya waterway. If you have one day in Bangkok, this page is a guide for your plan exploring in this wonderland!What you've heard lately in the news about the political unrest might sound serious. It is actually unlike the civil war. Outside the protest area, everything happens as usual as it has done. All the fun stuffs are waiting to be explored here in Bangkok!