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Kinnaree Restaurant

is an international restaurant in the Grand Business Inn on Sukhumvit Soi 11 in Nana, Bangkok, Thailand.

The food at Kinnaree is a traditional Thai cuisine that shows great preparation and detail. Traditional Thai chefs prepare exquisite dishes that will bring a smile to every guest. Using betal leaves, and traditional Thai fruits to present these items, the creativity in these dishes is wonderful.The specialty drink list is expansive at Kinnaree. These secret potions are made in large hurricane glasses.

The main dining room feature a magnificent blend of colors. Wearing traditional Thai outfits, the staff really make you feel at home. The tables and comfy chairs are perfectly matched in dark black and the place settings are presented with style.

Restaurant Offers:
ABF-Lunch-Dinner-Set Menus
24 hours services
Serving both Thai and International cuisine

Click here to download our menu.